Reflective Interaction Promoting Prevention & Learning (RIPPLE)

TDN’s unique RIPPLE Program™ is centered on the notion of embodied knowledge and the cultivation of multiple intelligences — emotional, intellectual and physical. Participants are given a different language to communicate with, drawn from their cultural reservoirs, as well as a venue where they can freely conceptualize and vocalize their feelings. Our curriculum also includes a workshop session on PrEP/PEP Decision-Making Education & Counseling.*

The program integrates 3 modules:

  • Dance Mediation
  • Storytelling Dynamics
  • Social Photography Workshop
Dance Mediation

The Dance Mediation module is an innovative and holistic approach to prevention centered on the notion of embodied knowledge. Through body-centered experiences, participants gain both self-awareness and a sense of belonging. Dance and movement help youth develop self-respect and a sense of boundaries and empowerment over one’s own space. Program participants are encouraged to engage both mind and body when making important decisions about their social interactions.

Storytelling Dynamics

Through the exploration of social and culturally relevant stories, the Storytelling Dynamics module engages adolescents in active listening about HIV prevention and promotes self-expression and dialogue. The sessions give a voice to the teens’ own narratives and provide a platform to explore questions of stigma, prejudice, respect, self-esteem, love, integrity, honesty, hard work, the right to say ‘no’ and much more.

Social Photography Workshop

Participants learn rudimentary photography skills while gaining a deeper understanding of their surrounding community and HIV-related issues. The Social Photography module fosters a process of self-expression and thoughtful communication about identity and community. Throughout the module, participants focus on connecting art and meaning to concrete topics of identity and decisions about their health. This workshop raises awareness about the silence that often surrounds HIV/AIDS, and gives participants’ the confidence to take on more powerful roles in transforming the way we think about prevention and HIV/AIDS.

*PrEP = Pre-exposure Prophylaxis; PEP = Post-exposure Prophylaxis. Type of counseling that understands the critical role of context in determining risk behavior, and focuses on developing strategies to assist our program participants, who are HIV negative, avoid and/or overcome triggers or other situations that might make it difficult for them to achieve their sexual health promotion goals.


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