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Advancing health equity, quality education and gender equality among culturally diverse youth, and deconstructing prevention through innovative strategies, art and cross-cultural curricula.

Who We Are

{trans-di-as-po-ra}  / TDN  / a new paradigm for youth engagement that transcends boundaries, connects cross-cultural strategies, local practices and personal narratives… the interconnectivity of peripheral communities related to common social issues such as health literacy and youth engagement… the language of science translated into the language of diasporic communities beyond dialects.

Trans- (trans, tranz)  a prefix meaning: 1. Above and beyond; transcending.

Diaspora (d ī  as’ pə  rə) n.  [Gr. diaspora , a scattering  < diasperein,  to scatter < dia-, across + sperein,  to sow]  1. any scattering of people with a common origin background, beliefs, etc.

Silver Award Stamp 2014

Transdiaspora Network (TDN) is an organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We recognize and support the implementation of health-related initiatives that commemorate and welcome the International Decade For People of African Descent (2015-2024). Our organization has been granted full membership at various UN Mayor Groups, and is also a constituent of the Federation of Sustainable Development Organizations, a non-political group of nearly 1,000 like-minded organizations that are working to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations.

Combining educational, recreational and therapeutic elements, TDN PRE-primary prevention curriculum brings innovation to the traditional public healthcare approach, which assist us to bridge the wellness gap among youth of low-income and immigrant backgrounds. Because of this innovative approach, our curriculum was a finalist at Global Innovation Exchange, a global development tech platform for innovations, funding, and insights. Along with storytelling and photography, one of the principal goals of this curriculum is to assist these young people find themselves through the benefit of music as it generates emotions and feelings. In our curriculum, we are integrating distance learning, learning at home and innovative pedagogies as emerging literacy. The COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools, but not education.

We are recipient of the New York State Health Commissioner’s Distinguished Service Award and a recognized citywide partner of NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Our cutting-edge curriculum and cross-cultural understanding as well as our community leadership have been praised by U.N.-related entities, NYC governmental offices and high studies institutions as well as other prestigious institutions from civil society and the business sector. We embrace cross-sector partnerships, transparency and strengthened representation.

Silver Award Stamp 2014

Transdiaspora Network is a proud recipient of the 2014 Silver Communicators Award (non-profit/charitable website category), which honors excellence in marketing and communications for social enterprises that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement at a global scale. This award is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of Visual Arts.

Other awards: The Credit Suisse Americas Foundation’s Community Improvement Award and the 2010 AIDS Walk Fundraising Award.

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