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Transdiaspora Network’s Annual Retreat at Vassar College

New York, NY (Aug. 23, 2019) – Led by TDN Chief Operating Officer Lissette Marrero, young members of our team, Dafne Murillo, TDN Cross-cultural Youth Exchange Fellow, and Dashawn Hall, Youth Community Health Advocate, spent the day in our annual retreat at Vassar College. During this one-day long event, which was organized in partnership with […]

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NYS Assemblymember Diana Richardson Welcomes Long-term Partnership with Transdiaspora Network

New York, NY (Aug. 20, 2019) – TDN President/CEO/Founder Ariel Rojas was officially invited to meet with NYS Assemblymember Diana Richardson. During their hour-long meeting, they had an exchange of ideas and discussed potential strategic collaborations between our ECOSOC-accredited NGO and her Brooklyn Assembly District office regarding the implementation of local community initiatives for young people in […]

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Outstanding Meeting at NYC Department of Health

New York, NY (Aug. 19, 2019) – Our President/CEO/Founder Ariel Rojas and TDN Chief Operating Officer Lissette Marrero were invited to meet with NYCDOHMH junior management representatives to explore future ways of engagement and define the terms of a mutually beneficial partnership between our ECOSOC-accredited organization and the NYCDOHMH Division of HIV Prevention. Both TDN […]

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Message on the International Youth Day (IYD) *

Written by TDN Chief Operating Officer Lissette Marrero, MSW New York, NY (Aug. 12, 2019) – The 2019 IYLA Global Summit at the U.N. on August 9th was a day filled with the energetic brilliance of today’s youth. It’s was an honor to be surrounded by such positive leadership and to see the results of […]

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SDGs Learning, Training & Practice

Report written by Dafne Murillo, Cross-cultural Youth Exchange Fellow New York, NY (July 2019) – The key mantra for the 2030 is “leave no one behind” and this topic was a reference point for the creators of the “UN SDG: Learn” platform, an online learning tool that was designed to facilitate the learning of the […]

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