New TDN Youth Ambassador

New York, NY (November 2021) – From Transdiaspora Network (TDN), we are pleased to officially announce that our until now Cross-Cultural Youth Exchange Fellow (2020-2021), Alicia Rando, is going to continue her adventure in our organization as the new Youth Ambassador. She actively participated in our organization’s initiatives and projects, where she led a virtual colloquium with youth from all continents to get ideas and perspectives regarding education and gender equality. Alicia also re-developed TDN curriculum as a virtual educational space where popular music is used as a tool in our preventative health strategy. This is an innovative medium, which is currently waiting to be implemented.

At the moment, she is working on a research article and a later educational reform proposal to improve the teaching of the disciplines of music and sports in schools. She has written several research and opinion articles for Transdiaspora Network, which are available on our blog, and has participated in various seminars and forums organized by the United Nations, such as the UN75 Youth Plenary and the New Shape Forum 2021.

From now on, she will have an even more active presence on the different  activities of our NGO, representing the youth sector of the population. In 2022, Alicia will represent Transdiaspora Network at 60th Commission for Social Development (CSoD60) that will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from February 7th to the 16th.

The whole team wishes her a nice journey!


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