Transdiaspora Network Attend the ECOSOC High-level Political Forum

United Nations headquarters (New York, July 9, 2019) – TDN President/Founder Ariel Rojas attending the inaugural day of the ECOSOC High-level Political Forum (HLPF), along with TDN Cross-cultural Youth Exchange Fellow/U.N. representative Dafne Murillo (far right). At the pic, our team is posing with H.E. Ms. Inga Rhonda King (far left), ECOSOC President , and Yolanda Joab (center left), Island PRIDE Executive Director/Founder. Ms. Joab stated the following at the opening panel: “Young people are taking back the narrative to be the problem solvers of the planet’s needs.”

United Nations headquarters (New York, July 10, 2019) -TDN President/Founder Ariel Rojas attending a panel “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.” Progress on people’s well-being and enjoyment of their human rights are fundamental drivers of sustainable development. However, some countries still need to improve the quality of, and access to health and education. Those are not only important goals in themselves, but also vital for building resilient societies. Posing with Emele Duituturaga, civil society expert and former Executive Director of Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisation (PIANGO).

The U.S. permanent mission to the United Nations (New York, July 10, 2019) – TDN President/Founder Ariel Rojas was part of a selective group of civil society leaders to attend this insightful panel “Advancing the Role of Women in Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.” The panel was organized by the American Bar Association. Posing with Ms. Shahrashoub Razavi, Chief of Research & Data, U.N. Women.

United Nations headquarters (New York, July 10, 2019) – TDN President/Founder Ariel Rojas having a great time with some delegates from Ghana after attending their panel related to national partnerships for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Institute of International Education (New York, July 11, 2019) – TDN President/Founder Ariel Rojas attending a roundtable discussion “Scholarships for Access, Equity, and Global Development.” There was a meaningful conversation  and evaluation on how governments, foundations and universities are building the next generation of scholars by improving and addressing issues related to leadership capacity building, cultural diversity and local talent investment. Bringing together attendees from foundations, government agencies and non-profits, this roundtable deeped dive into SDG target 4b (quality education): “to substantially expand globally the number of scholarships available to developing countries and diasporic communities.”


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