"Among transplanted Caribbean youth in New York City, Transdiaspora Network takes the lead in the HIV-prevention revolution."

Thomas Israel

Chairman and CEO, Ingleside Investors, Board Member of Citizens Committee for NYC

"Thank you so very much for taking the time to educate us about your very successful Network (TDN)... From everything I know, you seem to be on the right track having the teens be responsible for their own health, which they need to compete in today’s world."

Alexa Evans

BOLD Initiative intern, undergraduate student, Columbia College

"Interning with Transdiaspora Network has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much not just about HIV/AIDS, but also about different communities and organizations in Brooklyn. It has been inspiring to see so many individuals come together to educate and protect our youth, and I know that TDN will continue to make great strides in the future."


RIPPLE Program participant, high school student

“The Social Photography Workshop has allowed us to talk about HIV in an easier way by using photography. That way, the topic of HIV doesn’t come on so strong, and it’s easier to stay committed to the conversation.”

Dr. Anil Kabrawala, MD

Physician, GI Fellow at SUNY Downstate

"Primary prevention uses methods to avoid the occurrence of disease (e.g., condom use in HIV prevention)... TDN takes an even earlier approach; it works in the stages of 'PRE-primary prevention.' It changes youth's way of thinking and behavior which in turn teaches them prevention."

Dr. Susan Witte, PhD

Associate Director, Columbia University's Social Intervention Group

"Your newsletter, and all of the collaborations, initiatives, funding, staffing, outreach, and services that are described are nothing short of amazing. Transdiaspora Network is inspiring."

Nicole Cheng

TDN Youth Affairs Coordinator

"What is different about TDN is that we do not merely focus on the science of HIV/AIDS – we deal with it from the primitive level, which involves human expression and the internalization of how to prevent HIV/AIDS. Through the arts, I have watched my peers open up and thus, understand the drastically different states of mind that they have to address when met by a decision."

Rashidat M. Balogun

CAMBA Representative, Liberation Diploma Plus High School, Coney Island

"I would like to formally thank you again for sharing your knowledge with Liberation Diploma Plus High School students and staff. It is refreshing to know that we share the same vision to educate others about HIV/AIDS beyond the traditional classroom setting. For many of our students, it was a reality check to look within their bodies, their families, friends, and the community in which they live in. Each and everyone of them left with something new, or something they were reminded of. We will continue to educate the youth daily, thanks for being apart of that."

Halima Gikandi

TDN Youth Representative, undergraduate student, Columbia College

"I think TDN President and Founder Ariel Rojas has demonstrated how exactly stakeholders can encourage youth engagement, by bringing me on the TDN team despite my age, by registering me for the UN Youth Forum, and by giving me a seat at the table during the preceding 53rd session of the Commission on Social Development. If more organizations were to mimic TDN’s lead, we would already be closer to the UN’s vision of engaging youth in the post-2015 development agenda. It is time for everyone, including youth themselves, to have confidence in the energy and commitments of youngsters. Not tomorrow, not in 2030, but today. Thank you Transdiaspora Network for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime."

Chet Williams

Project Manager, Make IT All Work

"Transdiaspora Network employs innovative digital strategies to further their mission of sharing HIV/AIDS knowledge and prevention practices. It was a great experience to work with a team that is so selfless, driven, and charitable to the NYC community. Furthermore, the organization's mission made the project especially meaningful to the Make IT All Work team. We look forward to assisting TDN in any of their technology needs."