“Engaging with culture means dialogue, working with channels of communication that are favored and valued within a community…” – Ariel Rojas | TDN Founder

Combining educational, recreational and therapeutic elements, our programs’ PRE-primary HIV prevention model brings innovation to the traditional public healthcare approach by bridging the wellness gap among youth of low-income and immigrant backgrounds, incorporating the community’s cultural values, and creating a sense of ownership over their own health, which they need to sustain the development of their local communities and to compete fairly in today’s interdependent world. The programs identify and provide cultural antibodies* that allow young participants to assess risks and opportunities, improve their civic engagement and leadership skills, and organically expand their personal goals as well as their vision of a future linked to empowering social milieus.

Our constituencies are adolescents and young adults exercising their sexual rights while negotiating how their cultural heritage and family traditions interplay with the realities of peer pressure, reproductive health and sexually-transmitted diseases, especially HIV, in environments not always conducive to communication and open dialogue. At each programming cycle, our organization has the capacity to serve high school students and provide various internships to college students as well as field practice opportunities to graduate students to engage in local public health initiatives cost effectively. Our methodology’s final goal is proactively engage participants in our pioneering development educational enhancement programs (d.e.e.p.), so they can positively influence their informal networks of family, friends, peers and their local communities.

In addition to program’s core curriculum, TDN leads a larger project named Tour to Health where our team foster strategic collaborations/partnerships with other public and private entities to allow program participants develop their civic engagement skills through community outreach activities within the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

Trained by NYCDOHMH Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, our organization is equipped also to provide youth-friendly PrEP/PEP Decision-Making Education & Counseling if needed.**




* term coined by TDN Founder Ariel Rojas

** PrEP = Pre-exposure Prophylaxis; PEP = Post-exposure Prophylaxis. Type of counseling that understands the critical role of context in determining risk behavior, and focuses on developing strategies to assist our program participants, who are HIV negative, avoid and/or overcome triggers or other situations that might make it difficult for them to achieve their sexual health promotion goals.

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