Programming as a Tool of Empowerment: Career Day For Teens

TDN Digital & IT Strategist Jonathan Zacks attend a career day at Origins High School in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, on January 20, 2015 invited by Site Supervisor Dara Kammerman, LMSW, from Partnership with Children. During his presentation at the event, Jonathan empowered the students to be more proactive in the use of technology as a tool to positively impact their life and their own communities. Here are some of recommendations he shared with the teenagers:

1) Learn to code. Programming is not just for programmers anymore. Technology and code are a growing part of every field, and touch every part of society.

2) Figure out what you’re good at and what you like enough to spend time doing; figure out how to get paid for it, and get really good at it.

Origins High School is a district public school that prepares students for success in college by building on strengths and being attentive to individual needs. Administration and teachers make it a priority to know students and families well through their advisory program. Their inquiry-based curriculum asks students to develop questions, conduct research, and prepare in-depth projects that exhibit their learning. Origins’ challenging liberal arts education is grounded in small group work, reading analysis, and an emphasis on writing.


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