TDN President/Founder Receives Honorary Doctorate

New York, NY (September 9, 2022) – Transdiaspora Network’s President/Founder Ariel Rojas officially received his diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa in Anthropology at the Harvard University Club in recognition of the work done by Transdiaspora Network as an ECOSOC-accredited Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations for the reconfiguration of the concept of culture applied to social change, equity, innovation and sustainability.

He would like to thank Ambassador Otto F. Von Feigenblatt, MA, EdD, PhD, an academician of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, the Royal Academy of Economics and Financial Science of Spain, and the Royal Spanish Academy of the Sea. He also would like to extend his gratitude to Youth Attaché Daniel del Valle Blanco from Sovereignty Order of Malta, Permanent Mission to the United Nations, for his recommendation.



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