Youth and Public Administration: the Road to City Hall

Written by Alicia Rando, TDN Youth Ambassador

New York, NY (December 2021) – As part of the youth, and being its ambassador in this organization, I ask myself, what role do we, young people, play in and for the public administration?

I believe that youth from the administrative sphere, must be seen from two different but complementary perspectives. On one hand, from a position of applicants and on the other as beneficiaries of services, in a two-way legal-administrative relationship: as users of public services and as administered.

In the context of youth, and the public policies aimed at them, public services must have a vocation to empower young people and their activities must be directed to them. The services created and managed by public administrations, with the help and participation of various organizations, such as Transdiaspora Network, must pay special attention, and work in the social sphere, to correct inequalities among young people, and with other sectors of the population. In the economic and cultural sphere, these policies should be aimed at particularly empowering young people with fewer resources or at risk of social exclusion. All of these should be at the center of attention of the services and activities provided by administrations and supported by various external organizations, again, such as Transdiaspora Network, in order to obtain effective development and the protection of the rights of young people.

Our organization, and more specifically our young team, since youth has always been the engine of change in societies, can participate in fields such as youth information, leisure and free time management, the promotion of values and above all and especially in education and training. I, for example, proposed the creation of an online platform to develop the imagination and well-being of young people, of any age and community, so that they are able to explore the difficulties or unfavorable factors they may encounter and get their dreams and everything they set their minds to.

As a violinist and a musician, I believe music is an art capable of generating moods, awaken feelings and convey emotions. This is one of the best ways to achieve intercultural coexistence, health equity and improve the common well-being of society as a whole. Thanks to music, as I have said, as it awakens emotions, it is possible to get to the root of the problems from the personal experiences of each participant, and in this way, discover, redirect and/or help to solve those experiential problems and the behaviors associated with them.

Through Transdiaspora Network we can also create a youth information network to learn about, connecting with various platforms, the concerns of youth. For example, I also had the opportunity to develop a “Education and Gender Equality Around the World Online Colloquium” with participants of each continent to get a global vision of the situation in those topics and see what values can be enhanced and/or what improvements can be done to make this world a better place for us, youth, and for the generations to come.

In summary, education and training, since I believe that this is the key element to break down social, racial, gender and any other type of social exclusion barriers.


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